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Letter to the editor: Atwood applauded for his help with our schools, community

As Emmett Atwood retires from the automobile business, I feel it is time to thank him for the support he has given our hometown. Emmett has ... Read more

These reports show just how transparent candidates want to be with the public

This week, the seven candidates taking part in Tuesday’s Democratic Party primaries — part of the Vicksburg municipal elections — were required to file campaign ... Read more

Wicker: Most provisions of S.1 are opposed by large majority of Americans

Last week, I participated in a hearing on S.1, a Democrat-written bill that is misleadingly named the “For the People Act.” This partisan bill amounts ... Read more

Like Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season

This Sunday is a special day. Easter has so much meaning. It’s a religious holiday celebrated by Christians across the world and for many others, ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to those who rallied to support our neighbors in crisis

Dear editor, I welcome this opportunity to thank the following churches and individuals who answered my call and donated money to assist the citizens of ... Read more

This pandemic has certainly changed the world

I have received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine and am scheduled for my second and final one today. There are no words as ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Celebrating physicians this Doctor’s Day

Delivering medical care during a global pandemic has required teamwork at the highest level, and doctors are fundamental to this effort. As the country celebrates ... Read more

Bailey: Seeking to leave an exceptional legacy for our future

I’m the daughter of the late Bettye Jean Bailey who worked at the Vicksburg Country Club for many years. As a 53-year-old lifelong resident, I’ve ... Read more

Moments of fear and sadness have been replaced with hope

In looking back through our archives, there are nearly 600 stories that we classified as related to the COVID-19 pandemic. When I saw that number ... Read more

Challenges over the past year have made us stronger

In an editorial in mid-May, we questioned and criticized the Warren County Board of Supervisors’ plan to purchase 10,000 masks to distribute to local residents ... Read more

Renaming senior center in Miss Sue’s honor is a fitting tribute

Last Friday I had the opportunity to watch a ceremony honoring a very wonderful person. The ceremony renaming the Vicksburg Senior Center for Sue Roberts ... Read more

It’s time to validate, challenge candidate claims

There’s never as good a season for misinformation than election season, and Vicksburg is right in the middle of it. As candidates fight and scrape ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Tommie L. Williams was a Vicksburg hero

Dear editor, Tommie L. Williams spent much of his life doing what he loved, serving and helping the Vicksburg community. Starting out as a Magnolia ... Read more

Contribute to Vicksburg Living’s ‘Rolling on the River’ edition

Written by John Fogerty and performed by his band Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Proud Mary” is a rock ‘n roll song about a riverboat — a ... Read more

Wicker: A larger Navy needed to counter China, Russia

Twenty years ago, China’s military influence did not extend more than a few hundred miles off the Chinese coast. Today, the situation has changed dramatically. ... Read more

District’s latest graduation rate report is reason to celebrate

There should have been more fanfare. There should have been a celebration, a gathering, or even a parade to celebrate the news. Instead, at a ... Read more

Covering storms a challenging aspect of the job

Once again, it seems, the forces of nature have passed us by. Ever since April 2019, when three tornadoes ravaged Vicksburg and other areas of ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Vicksburg would be far less interesting without The Strand

Dear editor, The Strand Theater is my favorite place in downtown Vicksburg. The community that Jack Burns and Daniel Boone have built around a love ... Read more

Letter to the editor: The Strand has been an important part of Vicksburg’s culture

Dear editor, Thanks to your reporting I understand the future of The Strand Theater, one of Vicksburg’s essential landmarks, is currently at risk. I know ... Read more

State’s college tuition program is a conservative solution to a mounting problem

Hidden in the Biden administration’s $1.9 trillion spending bill was a small provision that made student loan forgiveness tax-free, which insiders believe was a sly ... Read more

Drive-thru vaccination site is a good example of what we can do together

In a recent interview with The Vicksburg Post, local physician and now the chief medical officer for Mississippi, Dr. Dan Edney, said while testing and ... Read more

Wicker: Two million Americans a day are receiving miracle shot

After a long and challenging year battling the coronavirus, Americans can be encouraged that we are finally turning a corner in this pandemic. COVID-related deaths ... Read more

Thompson: Vicksburg needs a clear vision for its future

A wise person once told me that problems do not fix themselves. True leadership involves facing problems and the obstacles they bring. The city of ... Read more

The quest for Gold Bricks resumes

Easter is only a few weeks away and my quest is underway. For those of you who are reading this column for the first time ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Vicksburg went above and beyond in annual ‘Breakfast with Santa’

There are many things that make a city a desirable place to live and/or conduct business.  Vicksburg has a standout in its list – Vicksburg ... Read more

Kimble: ‘It’s time’ for a change in Vicksburg

“Why are you running for mayor?” This question has been polled to me on numerous occasions. This is my answer, “It’s time!” Every four years, as ... Read more

Wicker: Efforts to weaken election integrity should be rejected

For several months, state lawmakers have been working hard to address concerns about election integrity in the wake of the 2020 election. But Democrats in ... Read more

Moore: We can’t turn our backs on our youth

The following column was submitted by Vicksburg Police Chief Milton Moore. Days later this is still weighing on me. This past week was bittersweet. The ... Read more

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