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Wicker: Expanding Supreme Court would harm American system of government

Last year, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave what would become her last major interview, reflecting on the Supreme Court and her long life ... Read more

October is not just about trivial celebrations

Did you know October is National Toilet Tank Repair Month? The notion to have a month set aside for awareness of commodes was put in ... Read more

We are perplexed just like Dr. Dobbs

In a report by the Associated Press late Friday, Mississippi’s health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said he was concerned, worried and perplexed. In recent days, ... Read more

After more than four decades, I am Hildy Johnson

I am Hildy Johnson. For those of you out there scratching your heads wondering about that statement, I’ll explain. Hildy Johnson is a character in ... Read more

Mississippians need opportunities, not regulation

Mississippi is the most regulated state in the South. In 2018, as part of a national review of state regulations, the Mercatus Center at George ... Read more

Wicker: Time to remove obstacles to intercountry adoption

I am fortunate to have grown up in a home with two loving parents. They gave me the care, stability, and training I needed to ... Read more

Those who adapt, survive and thrive

I had no clue I was going to be out of commission for as long as two weeks. After my foot surgery last Thursday, I ... Read more

City leaders establish a precedent on addressing nuisances

When is enough, enough? For the city of Vicksburg, the Vicksburg Police Department and those longing for a safe and stable community, it would appear ... Read more

Health officials urge residents to get ready, get prepared for Delta

For many of us, hurricane season is routine and we are old hats at this. But every storm, every situation is different. With that in ... Read more

It’s time we got back to being a civilized society

What happened to civility in our world? Why can’t we have an intelligent discussion about issues without yelling, name-calling and threats or the execution of ... Read more

Strong partnerships, leadership making idea of new port a reality

There is simply no way to run a headline big enough to honor the impact a new port in Vicksburg will have on the local ... Read more

Go beyond the superficial sizzle; vote no on Initiative 65

This election season, we face many consequential decisions. In addition to who should lead our country, we in Mississippi face a decision on how we should ... Read more

A vote for newspapers is a vote for democracy

Newspapers face another big election. It’s about them. While the United States is riveted by a most unusual presidential election, the newspaper industry is running ... Read more

It will take prayer and time for Kealen Andrews’ family and friends

There are no words alone that will bring back Kealen Andrews, the 6-year-old boy killed earlier this week in a fire. There are no words ... Read more

America needs journalists and America’s journalists need our support

By David Chavern, President & CEO, News Media Alliance In a year of fighting a global pandemic, historic protests for racial equality, and the rapidly ... Read more

It’s important to stop and count your blessings once in a while

The first presidential debate was held Tuesday night. Since it was a debacle, it would probably be more prudent to talk about the weather, and ... Read more

Fall in the South is here; time to get out and enjoy it

Wednesday morning as I opened the door and prepared to walk to go to work, a sudden chill hit me and sent me back inside ... Read more

Local leaders show true leadership in extending mask mandates

Mahatma Gandhi, in describing an ineffective leader, once quoted that leader as saying “there goes my people, I must hurry to catch up with them ... Read more

Our history is far too valuable to let it crumble and whither away

Vicksburg is unbelievably blessed and challenged in so many ways when it comes to its history. While today our local economy flourishes off the tourism ... Read more

Here’s hoping for nothing but good news days

For the better part of three decades, I have sat at a keyboard and worked to share the stories of the communities in which I ... Read more

Wicker: Action needed for small businesses, military and more

When the pandemic began, few could have imagined how hard it would hit our communities. Yet over the past six months, Americans have done a ... Read more

I am more than fine with moving ahead to Christmas

Fall has arrived and with it has come the Christmas rush. Yes! That’s right. I couldn’t believe my ears on Thursday when I heard news ... Read more

Park’s monuments help tell story of our nation’s history

Last week, after our old 27-inch monster TV gave up the ghost and we switched to the 31-inch flat-screen we inherited from my mother-in-law, I ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Thanks to those who helped make Ritz on the River successful

Dear editor, We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the many organizations and individuals that supported the 7th annual Ritz on the River ... Read more

Debate over new animal shelter must be resolved with compromise, partnership

The debate involving the city’s need and the public’s want for a new animal shelter has grown a bit out of hand and the ultimate ... Read more

Wicker: It’s time to celebrate historic Middle East peace agreement

It is always an important day when the Israeli Prime Minister visits our nation’s capital, but his arrival at the White House on Sept. 15 ... Read more

Drug arrest serves notice to Vicksburg

The wake-up call issued by the Vicksburg Police Department Wednesday morning on the home of Duane Lamar Williams was not just to serve him a ... Read more

It’s time we speak louder than the vocal minority

It was no surprise at the gravitas Sam Andrews, Mayor George Flagg’s Chief of Staff, showed in his column that appeared Wednesday in The Vicksburg ... Read more

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